Album Soaring Over Clay was released January 27, 2023

After the release of the Grass & Scroll EP in March 2022 (with 3 fantastic contributions from keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian), Henry immediately started recording songs again. Maybe enough songs for an entire album…?
In the first two takes it was all cheerful and energetic. When he wanted to continue after the confrontation with the Covid virus, it became a lot less energetic in the recording process. Programming the drums, for example, became a lot more difficult and he was much less able to concentrate.

In the end it worked out 😊
The songs were recorded between March and September 2022.


Soaring Over Clay

1.     Cleansing The Temple [Mattheus, Matthew 21: 12-13]. (….) 

Is a metal song. A little bit of Michael Schenker. 

One of the new songs I wrote in 2022.

Jesus is angry. He learned that God's house of worship and prayer had turned into a marketplace! He entered the temple and chased away everyone who bought or sold anything there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the chairs of the dove sellers. And cried unto them, It is written, My house shall be a house of prayer, but ye make it a den of thieves!

 2.     Hail The New King [Matthew 21:9, Lucas 19:41] 


I tried to capture some of Frank Marino’s groove and style and tested this in a demo. I decided to put the demo on this record (with some flaws but I like it). 

Also a new song.

A song in which different angles come together. When Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey before Easter, he is welcomed as the new King of Israel. “Son of David, Hosanna in the highest. He who comes in the name of the Lord." So they said. But the rulers of the Roman Empire see him as a political threat and a sign of unrest in an already politically sensitive and vulnerable region. Christians refuse to accept the emperor as leader. Will he really be the new King and will the people revolt? That's the tension. Jesus himself feels especially sad and experiences pain. He knows the fate that awaits Jerusalem. The temple and the city will be demolished in the coming decades.

 3.     Generations [Job 8:10, Joel 1: 3, Ephesians 13:21, Proverbs 22:6] 

Parents and their kids in the merry go round of life. 

Parents and children are scheming past each other in the silly mill of life. The parents have the right intentions, but it does not always come across and the children prefer to do their own thing. Hopefully it's all just part of the kids growing up and parents and kids growing together and the kids appreciating the lessons of the older generation.
Build on the wisdom of your ancestors
Pass on wisdom to your children and they to their children and they to their children
I make a covenant with you and with your descendants, with all generations to come, an everlasting covenant.

In my experience this is Queen meets Dire Straits meets AC/DC meets Joe Satriani 

This is an older song. It dates from  1992.

 4.     Bliss! 


An expression of excitement and joy 

This was inspired by Santana’s Wham! from the Inner Secrets album. Older song.

 5.     Soaring Over Clay [Genesis 1:11, Isaiah 64:7, Jeremiah 18: 1-6] 

I was riding my bike in my hometown and across the land I saw this egrets soaring over the clay,  there were two of them. It looked like they were dancing and soaring at the same time. It was a magnificent sight to see. New song.

6.     Marching of The Armies [Mark 13:7] 

Morning breaks. It's misty. Somewhere a signal of doom. Are we going to war? The representatives are still trying to negotiate and the horses are getting restless. No... we don't get on 1 line. One attacks the other and everyone is put on alert. Gather everyone. The ram's horn sounds and it is now final. We're going to war. Disaster is coming to people. Then the troops are organized and ordered to march to the front. We attack. Fierce battles. With old and new weapons.
After the showdown there is death, loss, mourning, wailing and misery. The pain remains for a long time and the stories keep coming back. The troops eventually leave. 

I have had this riff for a long time in my head and only a few decades later I recorded it.... bizar. The 3rd and 4th part are added and new. 


7.     Reflections [Hebrews 1:3] 

I wrote this a long time ago....


8.     Manger  [ Luke 2: 8-14) 

The angel said to them: Do not be afraid, for I come to bring you good news